Copper Hummingbird by Nancy Biggins
The Original Bee-Proof Hummingbird Feeder

Two-Station Hummingbird Feeder

My solid copper hummingbird feeders are truly drip-free, bee and wasp-proof! I invented them based on 22 years of experience caring for hummingbirds as a zookeeper at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ. They are used by most of the zoos in the US that exhibit hummingbirds.

In addition to being bee and wasp-proof, my feeders are easy to use, clean, and are virtually unbreakable. (All factors necessary for a zookeeper changing up to 30 feeders twice daily!)

This feeder comes with 4 one-ounce dishwasher-safe plastic jars with lids to allow for easy changing of food.

1-3 hummingbirds will empty one jar of food in about 2 days (depending on the time of year, other available food sources, whether one bird is capable of defending the feeder from other birds, etc). However, it's best to change the food daily if you are truly worried about bees and wasps.

Instructions for use included.

Size approximately 10" x 3" x10"